Tenant Spotlight - High Point Market

High Point Market is part of a new development in downtown Decatur, combining upscale living and retail in one stylish complex.  It's been a great addition to downtown, both for the coffee and tea market, and also as a great event space.  Gateway spoke with manager Daniel Moore about High Point Market and how staying local keeps business coming in.

  1. How would you describe High Point Market to those that haven't heard of your business?  We like to focus on artisan products, local crafts, and also have an inviting environment for both coffee lovers and as a venue for special events.
  2. What local artisans do you use from around the area?
    1. Shine On Coffee Roasters from Decatur
    2. Piper and Leaf Tea from Huntsville
    3. Humble Heart Goat Cheese from Elkmont
    4. Smokehouse Crackers from Boaz
    5. Harvest Root from Mentone
    6. Relic Art based in Decatur
  3. What sets your business apart from the big chains?  An emphasis on quality and also with one-on-one connections.  I know most of my regulars' names and their orders.  It's good to know people, and make them feel welcome.
  4. What about this location do you believe makes it successful?  This space is large but comfortable.  It has good visibility.  It's just a cool little building.
  5. You recently had a concert at High Point Market.  How did that go, and are there more events like that planned for the future?  It was a fantastic event. WE SOLD OUT!  We are looking into some other bluegrass bands and funk bands about doing small concert style performances, but nothing set it stone yet.  We will announce anything we have on our Facebook page.

High Point Market is located at 307 Second Avenue, Suite 3.

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